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General Questions

-What is iNNova Inc.?
-Where are you located?
-Are there any career opportunities at iNNova?
-How do I aquire iNNova's Deluxe Card?
-What is the return/refund policy for your AC systems?
-What is the warranty policy for your AC systems?
-Do you guys ship or deliver?
-Do you guys carry spare parts?

-Mini-Split Air Conditioners Questions

-What are mini-split air conditioners?
-How do mini-split air conditioners work?
-What are the benefits of mini-split air conditioners?
-How do I find out what size or BTU system I need?
-What are the basic maintenance required for Mini-Split ACs?
-Do you carry systems with multiple indoor units and only 1 indoor unit? (multi-zone)

General Questions

What is iNNova Inc.?
iNNova Inc. is a wholesaler and retailer for mini-split air conditioners.
Where are you located?
Our warehouse and showroom is located at:

2954 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91803

Please click here for complete contact information.
Are there any career opportunities at iNNova?
   Yes, we wholesale our air conditioner systems. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale from us feel free to visit our store or contact for price inquiries. iNNova is also currently looking for companies or individuals who have electrical or HVAC license to install mini-split air conditioners. Please contact for further details.
How do I aquire iNNova's Deluxe Card?
   Currently, while supplies last, we offer a free Deluxe Card for customers who install any one of our split air conditioner systems. The benefits provided by the Deluxe Card may be used on the next installation.
What is the return/refund policy for your AC systems?
   iNNova will provide full refunds to unopened items with original receipt within 30 days of purchase. A restocking fee of 15% will be charged to opened items if no damaged is found on the purchased item. No refund may be given to damaged units due to mishandle or improper installation by you or an outside contractor.
What is the warranty policy for your AC systems?
    We stand behind all our products by offering 1 year parts and 5 years compressor warranty to every system we sell or install, with extended warranties optional. All warranties are 100% directly through us and we promise to always provide quick friendly service to every call. If installation is also through our services, we will provide one year labor warranty in addition to the 1 year parts and 5 year compressor warranty. Please refer to the following document for a full description of our warranty:


Do you guys ship or deliver?
    Yes, we do offer delivery. Charge will be at a rate of $1.90 per mile. A better rate may be given for deliveries greater than 60 miles. We also offer free deliveries for large purchases. Unfortunatly we do not ship due to the impractical weight the system is for shipments.
Do you guys carry spare parts?
    Yes, we carry all the parts and accessories for our mini-split air conditioner. Unlike most mini-split retailers, we always have spare parts in stock for all models of the air conditioners we carry.

Mini-Split Air Conditioners Questions

What are mini-split air conditioners?
   Mini-split air conditioners are air conditioning systems that, unlike window ACs, have a separate indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is typically mounted on the wall and acts as the air handler while the outdoor unit is the compressor/condenser. The two units are linked together by the refrigerant pipes, control wires, and control via remote controller.
How do mini-split air conditioners work?
   The whole system consists of an indoor unit (top), outdoor unit (bottom), connecting pipes and wires, and remote control. This split system is fairly similar to the central air system in a sense that there are two separate units working together. The main difference is that mini-split air conditioners are made to cool/heat individual rooms rather than the whole house.
    The indoor unit is the air handler which vents the air received from the outdoor unit (compressor/condenser). The two units are linked together by the refrigerant pipes and control wires. Because of the phase-out of R22 (Freon) in 2010 all of our units uses the environment friendly alternative, R410a refrigerant.
    The power of mini-split air conditioners are rate in British thermal units (BTUs). Generally speaking, a BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound (0.45 kg) of water 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.56 degrees Celsius). Thus, the higher the BTU the stronger the cooling/heating power. iNNova offers 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, and 24,000 BTU mini-split air conditioner systems.
What are the benefits of mini-split air conditioners?
   One of the main benefits of mini-split air conditioners is its energy efficiency when compared to central air and window AC units. On average, mini-split AC (SEER 13) consumes 30% less power than the typical window AC (SEER 10) while providing the same output. Other attractive features include flexible installation, remote controlled, environment friendly R410a refrigerant, quiet operation, sleek design, and special unit functions.

Please click here. for a more comprehensive page on the benefits of mini-split air conditioners.
How do I find out what size or BTU system I need?
   The first step to make out what size system best fits your needs is to find the square footage of the room. To do so, simply measure the width and length of the room and multiply the two values. As a rule of thumb, every 100 square feet should have 2,500 BTU of cooling/heating power. The following table shows the recommend square footage for each unit size.
   12,000 BTU = 1 tonnage (ton)
In addition to room size, other factors should also be considered including house architecture and average seasonal temperature.

We kindly advise our customers to be careful with companies who claim unusually high application areas for their AC systems. These values are highly exaggerated and may result in an insufficient cooling/heating BTU system for the designated area.

What are the basic maintenance required for Mini-Split ACs?

    Mini Split Air Conditioners do not require much maintenance for regular users.

  • One of the more important task is to clean the air filters regularly (once every 6 months or so). Clogged filters may reduced air flow and degrade unit performance. To access the filters, simply remove the front panel of the indoor unit. Side the filters upward and detach them from the unit. All our filters are reusable. Just use water and a brush to clean them then slide them back into the unit!
  • Especially during Spring and Fall, leaves and other plant materials may build up around the outdoor unit. Regularly ensure that no debris are blocking air flow of the unit to guarantee best performance.
  • Cleaning the indoor unit filters and making sure no debris is blocking the outdoor unit are the only maintenance needed for the system.
Do you carry systems with multiple indoor units and only 1 indoor unit? (multi-zone)
No, we do not carry multi-zone units. We don't recommend multi-zone units to our customers because installation usually requires longer line sets running throughout the house. Longer lines makes the unit less energy efficient and is more prone to refrigerant leaks in the future. Multi-zone systems also tend to be more expensive and require 220v, thus the installation will also be more expensive.